Accounting Services

Hooks CPA provides a full range of accounting services for both individuals and companies.

Tax Services

Personal Tax Returns

We prepare personal tax returns with all applicable schedules. We can e-file these returns for your convenience at no additional charge. This allows the government on federal and state levels to receive your information faster and process returns quickly.

You may schedule an appointment, drop off or mail us your information to process your returns. We will need all tax information to prepare your return. Examples are as follows:


  • W-2’s
  • Interest Statements (1099-INT)
  • Dividend Statements (1099-DIV)
  • Retirement Statements (1099-R)
  • Social Security Stamens (1099-SSA)
  • Any other forms of Income
  • Documentation for deductions such as medical expenses, mortgage interest, charitable gifts, personal and property taxes paid, etc.

Tax Services

Business Tax Returns

We prepare business tax returns and extensions for all of the following types of businesses:

  • C Corporations – 1120
  • S Corporations – 1120S
  • Partnerships – 1065
  • LLC – 1065
  • Sole Proprietor – Schedule C

We can also assist businesses in estimating their liability for the year and making appropriate estimated tax payments to avoid unnecessary penalties from the government.

Tax Services

Communication with IRS &
State Departments

We can assist you with any type of communication with the IRS or State departments. We can handle written communication with the IRS or State on your behalf, and in an urgent situation can speak directly to either group with a client authorized Power of Attorney.

Tax Services

Sales Tax

We prepare the monthly sales and use tax forms required by the State of Georgia. We can provide the form and payment coupon to be mailed in, or we can electronically file the return and submit your payment on your behalf.

Tax Services

Estimated Taxes

We can help individuals and businesses estimate their tax liability for the year and prepare appropriate estimated tax vouchers. Underpayment penalties and interest can be avoided by making estimated tax payments. Also, quarterly estimates help reduce the burden of a large amount of tax due with the filing of the return.

Payroll Services

Payroll & Payroll Reporting

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll services for salaried and hourly employees. We also provide all of the necessary forms required to apply for proper state identification numbers for the business.

We can print the checks for you to come and pick up for your employees or we can send you the information for you to print your own checks in-house.

We assure you that all taxes and other withholdings are done properly and in accordance with federal and state regulations.

We will inform businesses of any weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payroll liabilities. If desired, we can make the payments electronically on behalf of the business.

Financial Services

Financial Reports

We provide monthly information based on your check stubs, bank statements or QuickBooks in the form of financial reports to allow you to see the current financial position of your company.

We will reconcile all bank accounts with your records and the bank statements and make any necessary adjustments through journal entries.

This is the best way to make sure that your records are correct and to know the financial health of your company at any specific point in time. This will help you compare your actual finances to your projected budgets.

Additionally, most banks and other financial institutions will require this information before they will lend any money.

Accounting Services

General Consulting

We offer general consulting opportunities by appointment only. We can provide guidance and assistance with:


  • Tax Planning for Individuals or Businesses
  • Business Review/Evaluation
  • Business Planning
  • Current CPA Services Review
  • Communication with the IRS and State Departments
  • Financial Statement Compilation
  • General Tax and Accounting Practices
  • QuickBooks Setup and Application

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